Meet the Stallholders: Six Bougies

Fair Christmas Fayre is TOMORROW! Today we hear from Six Bougies in the last of our ‘Meet the Stallholders’ series…

What will you be selling at Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

Six Bougies will be selling accessories such as tote bags, duffels, clutches, and make-up pouches handmade in Dakar, Senegal with locally woven African textiles. We will also be selling men’s ties and cushion covers!

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

We are excited to participate in our first London event as historically, Six Bougies has only participated sales in the US and Senegal. As we are a company that supports and empowers local artisans, we are particularly drawn to the ethical side of the Fair Christmas Fayre and love to encourage ethical shopping (and discourage fast fashion!) whenever possible, especially around Christmas!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Our favorite thing about Christmas is getting to spend quality time with our families, who all live far away. We especially love the time to hang out with our dogs!

What is your best Christmas cracker joke?

As Americans, we had to Google this phenomenon.. 😉 One of our favorites:

Who is Santa’s favorite singer? Elf-is Presley!

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