Get back to the roots of Christmas

We love projects that have roots in the community which is why we are excited to welcome The Castle Climbing Centre’s Community Garden stall to Fair Christmas Fayre tomorrow.  You can’t get much more locally sourced Christmas gifts than they will have on sale…..

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

We will be selling a selection of our delicious teas, picked straight from the garden as well as herb sugars and salts which will be new additions this year. These will also be sold alongside some very fragrant bath soaks and moisture balms. We have made this all ourselves on site. We are particularly proud of our range of teas that include blends such as ‘Woodland Blend’ and ‘Herbal Hug’.

Tell us about why you started the Castle’s Community Garden ?

The garden was started four years ago, designed using the principles of permaculture. It now provides fruit and vegetables for the cafe in the climbing centre as well as creating a peaceful atmosphere away from all the London traffic. The now bountiful garden has allowed us to even make and sell our own products and we are very excited this year to bring them to the Fair Christmas Fayre.


Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

This is a great opportunity to sell our produce alongside other ethical and local producers. It’s also a really nice way for us to take the Castle products outside of North London.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

The good cheer!

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

Why does Santa have three gardens? Because he likes to ho ho ho

You can visit the Castle Garden for yourself in Stoke Newington, in it’s amazing setting of an old water tower and help as a volunteer. For more information check out their website.


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