Fair Christmas Fayre’s favourite art stall

Another day, another peek at who will be at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year.

Today we introduce Jan Thompson from Florica who sells beautiful fine art drawings on block colour recycled art paper, sure to make a wonderful present for your family and friends this year (if you can manage not to keep her art for your own house!)

Jan Thompson's art
Jan Thompson’s art


What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year? 

My own drawings of trees and animals on recycled paper with an environmental theme.

Tell us about why you started your stall/business? After many years working with young people encouraging them to believe in what they were good at I decide to change career and go back to art.

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre? I wanted to come because of the Salvation army cause and the environmental theme and hopefully to sell some work!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Hearing the carols in the cathedral.

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes? Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?  A mince spy!

Look out for Jan’s stall and a whole load more at the Fair Christmas Fayre on Saturday 29th November, on Oxford Street.




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