Five steps to a Handmade Christmas

I bumped into a friend on the street the other day who was in a rush to post something. She explained in a glum voice “I just had to buy a car and a pressie for my niece as that side of my family don’t like my homemade efforts!” They had openly told her that she can keep her beautiful handicrafts to herself; they thought she was a cheapskate for never buying new items.

I was completely gobsmacked!

In my humble opinion nothing says LOVE better than a handcrafted item. The thought and time poured into a little card, a tiny knitted teddy, or a carved kids toy blows the effort of shopping and picking something off a shelf out of the water!

If you are hoping for a homemade Christmas here are 5 steps to get you on your way:

  • Start Now! With just a month to the start of December now is the time to sit down with a pen and paper and sketch out who you would like to make for. Put some music on, get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm the stuff these people love. You don’t have to make any decisions now, but you must get your thoughts brewing!
  • Be inspired! There is a fine line between being inspired by something and nicking an idea completely but it isn’t a line that bothers me much. What a complement, if people mimic your crafts! If you are planning on selling them, that is a different matter, and if you are going to blog about it ALWAYS link back to the original idea. Go to your favourite shops and art galleries and jot down the things that inspire you.
  • Organise your ideas. I can not recommend Pinterest enough as a way of organising your inspiration. You can have a board for each person and “pin” photos of gifts to each board. If you are new to Pinterest, check out this How To. Search under CRAFT and DIY and you will soon be inundated with beautiful ideas.
  • Don’t just stop at gifts. Consider handmaking your Christmas decorations, your cards, your Christmas crackers. You MUST join this brilliant Facebook page – it will show your just how seriously you can take a handmade Christmas!
  • Support handmade business. If you love the thought of filling your home with handmade items and giving all handmade but don’t feel you have the time or a creative bone in your body do consider supporting the wonderful handcrafted industry here in the UK. These incredible, unique items are often overlooked for the ease of the High Street but getting along to a local Christmas Fair can allow you to buy your entire shopping list from handmade stalls.

If you are in London stop by our ethical Christmas Fayres with THOUSANDS of handmade gifts and Christmas decorations. We have one on Oxford Street on 1st December and one at the Horniman Museum on 8th and 9th December.

5 thoughts on “Five steps to a Handmade Christmas

  1. “They had openly told her that she can keep her beautiful handicrafts to herself; they thought she was a cheapskate for never buying new items.”

    Family and “goodwill to all men” or no, I think that would have been the last present they ever got from me. It’s such a nasty thing to think and it’s even nastier to say it out loud. Whether or not they happen to like whatever’s been made for them, care has gone into it and it can feel like a bit of a punch in the stomach when someone turns round and says “Why didn’t you buy me something?”

    And definitely try your hand at making your own Christmas decorations. There’s nothing like that sense of achievement when you’ve finished it and it’s even better when someone points to it and ask where you got it. Being able to say “I made that” is one of the best feelings in the world. Second only to the feeling you get when someone hands you a gift and says “I made this for you.”

  2. I think it’s very sad of those people who don’t like homemade gifts.They are missing out! We always make homemade gifts as well as some bought ones.I love making things!🙂

  3. LOVE this post! YES! Handmade all the way! And I found you through Pinterest just now so would also recommend that as a great resource for handmade ideas, either to make yourself, or to buy from the local handcrafted industry.

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