George and Vee

George and Vee are a stunning fair trade company that will be experiencing their third Fair Christmas Fayre with us this year. At last year’s Fayre I tried to commit to ONLY buying presents for others, but was too tempted by a gorgeus pair of George and Vee earrings so had to buy a little present for myself too.  Their stall is always jampacked with a huge array of unique accessories. 
Helen combined her love of beautiful handmade items with her passion for fair trade and up cycling when starting George and Vee. Named after her grandparents – who were married for 62 years, Helen hopes her thriving business will last as least as long!
Helen wants to make fair trade beautiful items accessible to as many people as possible, she keeps her prices as low as she can, so more people can afford to shop ethically for their accessories and homewares. Helen chooses her products carefully, everything is colourful and has a sense of fun about it. Her jewellery is a unique blend of handmade oya lace and up-cycled fabrics, beads and semi precious stones. Her bestselling quilts made from old saris are both functional and beautiful, recycling at its best!
At Helen’s stall at Fair Christmas Fayre you will find lots of her beautiful handmade lace jewellery made by both Helen and the friends she has made in Istanbul,  a great selection of her hand stitched sari quilts and scarves made by a womens cooperative in India and fun & brightly coloured felted and leather accessories from cooperatives in India and Nepal to name but a few choice items! To see some of her previously sold items visit her Etsy page (the online will be fully stocked and running by the beginning of the new year.)
I especially love these hand sewn lace necklaces, they have a certain vintage feel to them.
Alot of their jewelry uses really vibrant colours and stones, I know a lot of women that would look AMAZE in this beautiful statement piece.
Get along to the Fair Christmas Fayre THIS SATURDAY at 275 Oxford Street, from 12-7pm to see George and Vee’s full selection of twinkly treats.

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