Global Seesaw – the company that transform’s the lives of trafficked women

Global Seesaw is a company close to my heart as they were one of the first businesses to get involved with the Fayre 4 years ago. They always turn up with an incredibly impactful stall and a sales person who engages energetically with every customer. I love ’em.

Global Seesaw is the umbrella company for five fairtrade labels, selling all manner of products from bags to stationary. Check out these gorgeous Sari notebooks- perfect lifechanging stocking fillers! They also have a range of beautiful eco and green products along with those made from natural fibres and organic cotton. It is well worth scoping out their shop if you are already working through your Christmas list. 

They are so passionate about making a difference to people’s lives and focus particularly on women who are exploited by human trafficking and prostitution. Every bit of profit is reinvested to bring about greater change for this area of injustice.  Mark explains;

“We’re into ethical trade not because it’s the latest thing but because it’s the right thing.”

Global Seesaw will have a stall at this years Fair Christmas Fayre on Oxford Street, 3rd December. Make sure you come along to see their beautiful products yourself!


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