Cards from Africa- Beautiful and just

We have a huge variety of stalls booked in for Fair Christmas Fayre 2011. One of them is Cards from Africa who have a vast range of stunning cards that are created in craft rooms in Rwanda. Their mission is to improve the lives of orphaned young people, by providing employment and investing in training for them. The business began several years ago when founder Chris Page teamed up with an African artist to develop materials and designs. Before long they had a bustling trade and were able to become a certified Fair Trade business.

I love ethical businesses that challenge the stereotype of “fairtrade”  – and Cards from Africa is one of them. Their designs are modern, hugely varied, often fun, sleek and simple.

Their lovely website is worth a browse as it is packed with inspiring stories from the cardmakers.

You can meet Florence who explains “I am grateful for Cards from Africa. Not only do we have enough for today, but we have enough for tomorrow. Now, I don’t just want to have enough to survive, but I want to have a brighter tomorrow. I am saving money so that my son and niece can attend university. A few years ago I thought that was impossible. Now, it seems possible.”

You can purchase a card for every occasion from their online shop, or come along to Fair Christmas Fayre on 3rd December, Oxford Street, to browse their cards and meet the people behind this amazing business.


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