Seven tips for fair Christmas heaven

Here at Fair Christmas Fayre we are all about helping people have the most ethical festive season possible, here we have some ideas and links to help create a Christmas that is fair on the world’s poorest and the planet.

Spread your branches

Let’s face it, we have tree issues. Thousands of beautiful pines are wasted each year simply to provide us with a homely smell wafting through our lounges and to house our glittery angel. Even long lasting plastic trees that make their way down from the attic for an annual visit are made using unsustainable resources.

We don’t have to give this icon the heave ho however, there are options. You can rent a tree, pick one up from your local school at the end of term, plant and nurture one year round or build your own giant, stylish version of this!

Mind your meat

Having a vegetarian Christmas may be one step too far for many families. But do consider going for a more low impact choice, both for animal welfare and environmental reasons. Chose local, organic “happy meat” this Christmas. It is more dear  but more accurately reflects the cost of carnivorous consumption. Plus, it can become a talking point and you may well inspire your diners!

Shake your make

Everyone knows the best pressies aren’t pricey but thoughtful- being the recipient of a home made gift makes you feel so spesh.  But it isn’t easy crafting up gifts by yourself so  why not book in some craft afternoons with your friends? You could all bring a 100% wool jumper that you have felted on a hot wash and spend a couple of hours whipping up quick slippers, broaches and iphone holders!

Right your wrap

Last year my friend Shelley became the queen of recycled wrapping. By using old newspaper and old sewing patterns then painting shapes and words on it she was able to personalise every gift in the most stunning way, without adding to the mountain of wasted paper we create each festive season.

Use old maps, pieces of fabric, tins or crockery you find at a car boot to present your gifts in a sustainable by totally stylish way.

Swap your frock

Don’t feel the need to get brand new glam rags this year, instead get your self along to one of the frequent clothing swaps that are happening up and down the country. You will undoubtedly pick up pieces that are more unique, possibly more designer, and certainly cheaper (well, free!!) than anything you could get on the high street. Even if you have to get something adjusted professionally it will be well worth it. Tis the season to get swapping.

Find a fair Fayre

Do all your ethical gift shopping  on one hit by scoping out some of the fabulous ethical Christmas Fairs around. We hold an annual Fayre on Oxford Street in London on 4th December 2010, there is a massive Edinburgh emporium and plenty more local ones if you get searching.

And finally… Be a festive Scout

The  primary reason we fail to be more festively ethical isn’t because we don’t have the urge but it is because life is so busy and all of a sudden it is Christmas Eve and we have missed the Fair Trade boat! So, this year, make a choice right now to get prepared. Go online and make a bulk order of Fair Trade plonk and decorations, plan your menu, make your ethical Christmas decisions today. For a truly fair Christmas you have to get scout like and Be Prepared!


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