Swap your way to frocking happiness with Elle Swapalot

Elle Swapalot* will be hosting some crazy swaps at the Fayre Christmas Fair.  Come bring a few goodies and even some baddies – there will be a few dusty bins of ‘just no goods’ for those in need of rags and rips!  

The swaps are at 12.30, 3pm and 6pm at 275 Oxford Street.  For the first half hour, come browse, and then the fun begins!

It always works best when you bring something that tells a story.  Swaps are the brilliant for bringing happy endings and good beginnings to all our closets!

* Elle Swapalot is an East London group of gals who like swapping clothes, recycling our hasbeens, neverworns and possibly maybes.  Inspired by sartorial sustainability and the power of small stuff, we were recently involved with Oxfam’s Canvas for Change project where we created a textile piece using patchwork squares called Two Bee One.  This was a way to revisit the make do and mend approach of the 1940s when resources were scarce and time spent collectively with neighbours was time well spent.

See you Saturday,
Elle Swapalot x


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