Take heart, comrades….

You are not the only ones seeking to do Christmas better! There are quite literally millions of people across the world trying to turn Christmas on it’s bad ass head. I don’t want to bore you with yet moooore statistics… but hey, why not? This is from Friends Provident:

Over 15 million UK shoppers are buying ethical Christmas presents in 07.

That is at one in three people (34%) planning to buy ethical gifts this Christmas.

More than half of those surveyed (57%) also believe that, compared to last year, people are thinking more about ethical matters when buying Christmas gifts.

Throughout the festive period, people will be buying organic fruit and vegetables (37%), Fairtrade or organic coffee (22%) and chocolates (35%) and more than a third (36%) of people will be using organic produce for their Christmas meal.

The festive season is not only about consumerism: over a fifth (21%) are putting ethical gifts on their shopping lists because they think Christmas has become too commercialised, while more than a quarter (29%) think that ethical gifts give more meaning to Christmas or see it as a way of making a difference.

Friends Provident 05 December 2006

It is pretty encouraging to know that there is a movement of people who are standing up against mass produced, poorly traded and unrecyclable goodies in the name of love.

Keep checking the list on the right as more people sign up to come to Fair Christmas Fayre with their stash of ethical Christmas goodness.


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