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Fun at the Fair Christmas Fayre 2014

What a blast we had at the Fair Christmas Fayre on Oxford Street this year. A huge thank you to everyone who made the event a massive success from sellers, to shoppers, volunteers, musicians, the venue and those brave people that danced around Oxford Street in a reindeer outfit to draw in the unsuspecting shoppers.

We were honored to host over 35 of the best conscious sellers and to provide folk with a single location to do their Christmas shopping! Shoppers could shop til they drop with our wonderful range of gifts with something for all the family and be worry free in the knowledge their gifts were ethically sourced.1. FCF Full image

From social enterprises to charities to ethical fashion retailers and eco sellers, we had it all.  There was a stark difference between the atmosphere of the hectic, busy, uncompromising Oxford Street.and our friendly, warm, fayre which truely was a haven from the madness of the relentlessness Consumerism.

Shoppers commented on how great a selection of ethical products was available at the fayre.  We are passionate about providing a real alternative to the high street shops at Christmas and worked hard to make the event come together.  So if you didn’t make it, here is a glimpse of some of our favourite gifts:

Sustainable and Eco Friendly watches from Bamboo Revolution UK:

6. Bamboo Revolution

Dresses from Upcycled Creatively all of which are made by recycling previously used fabrics:

8. Upcycled Creatively

Khama’s Handmade bags from Malawi which support local designers and workers with a fair wage:

5. Khama

Ohyo‘s collapsible water bottle which mean you don’t have to keep throwing plastic bottles in the bin:


Social Enterprise – Fair Ground’s Fair Trade diaries and recycled paper coasters and picture frames:

13. Fairgrounds b

From beautiful jewellery, hand crafted gifts, scarves, vegan food to Christmas decorations, cards, beauty products, teas, chutneys, toys and accessories, it is hard to leave the Fayre without buying something for yourself too!

Once again thanks for all the support and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Fair Christmas Fayre are always keen to add to their range of products and provide a platform for ethical sellers to come together.  If you are a trader who feel they have something unique to offer drop us an email at to be added to our mailing list for future events.  Or if you have any other queries do get in touch!

Get back to the roots of Christmas

We love projects that have roots in the community which is why we are excited to welcome The Castle Climbing Centre’s Community Garden stall to Fair Christmas Fayre tomorrow.  You can’t get much more locally sourced Christmas gifts than they will have on sale…..

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

We will be selling a selection of our delicious teas, picked straight from the garden as well as herb sugars and salts which will be new additions this year. These will also be sold alongside some very fragrant bath soaks and moisture balms. We have made this all ourselves on site. We are particularly proud of our range of teas that include blends such as ‘Woodland Blend’ and ‘Herbal Hug’.

Tell us about why you started the Castle’s Community Garden ?

The garden was started four years ago, designed using the principles of permaculture. It now provides fruit and vegetables for the cafe in the climbing centre as well as creating a peaceful atmosphere away from all the London traffic. The now bountiful garden has allowed us to even make and sell our own products and we are very excited this year to bring them to the Fair Christmas Fayre.


Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

This is a great opportunity to sell our produce alongside other ethical and local producers. It’s also a really nice way for us to take the Castle products outside of North London.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

The good cheer!

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

Why does Santa have three gardens? Because he likes to ho ho ho

You can visit the Castle Garden for yourself in Stoke Newington, in it’s amazing setting of an old water tower and help as a volunteer. For more information check out their website.

Surrender to the Sweetness…….

With only two days until Fair Christmas Fayre we take a sneaky peek at Vegan Sweet Tooth, the vegan bakery that will be supplying us with tasty treats throughout the day, giving us the energy to power on through that Christmas shopping! Enjoy a sweet delight as you watch the performances in our Chill Cafe area with three different wonderful acapella singing groups joining us on the day.  We spoke to Giancarlo about his love for all things vegan….

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

Our Vegan Organic Homemade artisan bakery, patisserie and raw food.

​Tell us about why you started Vegan Sweet Tooth London?

I been cooking for the last 25 years and a couple of years ago I decide to explore vegan baking for health reasons.  Only a year ago I started my stall in Chatsworth road market in Hackney and since then I have been super busy, I always try to make happy my customers with all requests and needs!

​​Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

I wanted to trade at The Fair Christmas Fayre because it is environmental friendly.

VeganWhat is your favourite thing about Christmas?

To stay with the family and celebrate all together.

​​Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

What says OH OH OH?

Santa walking backwards

We can’t wait to savour these yummy treats, for more info check our Vegan Sweet Tooth on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter @roncano1976.

Why Recycling is clearly not rubbish; from garbage to Christmas gift!

­­­­­­­­­­­­Among the many stalls that will be at the Fair Christmas Fayre this Saturday is Paguro, who stand out from the crowd with their innovative, ethical business.  Paguro support designers in Cambodia and Indonesia who use recycled materials to create a range of products from bags, tablet covers, laptop holders to jewellery and stationary.  How inspiring that garbage can be made into great gifts!

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

We will be selling a range of beautiful bags, accessories and jewellery which are all handmade using reclaimed and recycled materials.

Tell us why you started your Paguro:

We came across a number of inspirational designers in Cambodia and Indonesia. Their aim is to make beautiful items from the reclaimed materials that they find in their local areas. They hope that by using these materials and creating their products in a responsible way, they can create positive changes to the environment and to their communities.

pagpaguropaguro 4pag 3

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

We’re always keen to support events which focus on ethical and social causes so it’s great to be involved in this unique Christmas event.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Picking out something special for your loved ones is always great and receiving a few in return isn’t bad either!

Any good Christmas cracker jokes?

Why is it getting harder to buy advent calendars? Because their days are numbered…

Keep your eyes peeled for Paguro and visit their website for their products and more information.

Our favourite stalls just keep coming back………

On Saturday 29th November the best ethical Christmas market in London is back on Oxford Street from 11am – 6pm with over 35 stalls selling the best in eco/recycled/upcycled/fair trade gifts and ethical fashion.

Global Seesaw are no strangers to the Fair Christmas Fayre and we can’t wait to welcome them home.  This fantastic social enterprise will be selling their wonderful gifts and decorations which will brighten up your Christmas. Luckily we are assured they will be working on their Christmas Cracker jokes….

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

 A range of bags, jewellery and paper products along with beautiful Christmas decorations, cards and stocking fillers.

Global seesaw

Tell us about why you started Global Seesaw?

Global SeeSaw operates in the UK as a social enterprise with the aim of creating sustainable employment for women who have been trafficked into prostitution. All profits from Global SeeSaw are re-invested into the business to create more employment and freedom worldwide.

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

We love coming to the Fair Christmas Fayre as it’s an annual event in our calendar. It’s a great opportunity to showcase our products in such a fantastic location.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Decorating the tree at the beginning of December with our ever growing range of decorations including our scented baubles :-)

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees? Horn-aments!

Ok bad joke but the Global Seesaw ‘horn-aments’ are much better!

Learn more about what Global SeeSaw do and buy their products online from their website and add them on twitter @globalseesaw.

Food for thought at the Fair Christmas Fayre

Here at Fair Christmas Fayre we love food so there will be delicious treats to tickle your taste buds on the 29th November but also to take home for filling up those Christmas stockings.

However we hate seeing food go to waste which is why we are thrilled that Foodcycle, will have a space at the fayre.  We spoke to them about their passion for turning surplus food into healthy meals for vulnerable people and their scrumptious chutneys, jams and preserves that they will be selling on the day.

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

Our new range of Christmas cards (see photo below) and a selection of homemade chutneys, jams and preserves from our community café – Pie in the Sky in Bromley-by-Bow. There’ll also be some FoodCycle merchandise: t-shirts, aprons, badges and more! We’re currently in the process of coming up with some Christmassy games, which will of course be food-related, and are offering some great prizes – watch this space!


Tell us about why you started Foodcycle​?

Foodcycle are a charity that combine volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create nutritious meals for people at risk from food poverty and social isolation.  FoodCycle was started with the joint objectives of reducing food waste and food poverty, training volunteers and building resilient communities.

An estimated 15 million tons of food is wasted in the UK each year, something we think is totally inexcusable, considering that over 4 million people experience food poverty in this country alone. Furthermore, those at risk of food poverty are likely to be at risk of other disadvantages, such as social isolation, poor health and homelessness.

Our triple donation model combines volunteers, kitchen space and surplus food to address this issue – providing vulnerable people with healthy meals that are served in warm, friendly environments. We cooked our first meal in May 2009 and have gone from strength to strength ever since!

FoodCycle also focuses on empowering volunteers. We provide comprehensive training and support, which enables volunteers to become positive agents of change in their communities.

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

Although FoodCycle uses volunteers and donations as much as possible to keep our running costs low, we still need to raise funds for things like insurance, volunteer training and extra ingredients to ensure our meals are healthy and balanced. We hope to generate funds that will enable us to continue our projects and reach out to more vulnerable people this Christmas.

The Fair Christmas Fayre will also be a great chance for us to spread our mission further, attracting more volunteers, supporters and guests to our projects.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Two words: Nut. Roast. Although we’ve heard “it’s not really Christmas without the turkey”, at FoodCycle we like to embrace alternative ideas of the true meaning of Christmas. (Plus, Steven has an amazing walnut and lentil nut roast recipe, which he might even share at the Fayre, if you ask nicely!)

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus was 7lb 6 oz when he was born?

They had a weigh in the manger!

Check out Foodcycle’s website for more information, including how you can volunteer at one of their 18 volunteer-powered community projects across the UK, reclaiming food that would otherwise be wasted to cook healthy and delicious meals for those in need.

Cute baby alert …Vizuri Design’s beautiful handmade baby clothes have an African twist

If you have family or friends with babies, you can’t miss Vizuri Designs (‘Good Designs’ in Swahili) at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year.  We spoke to Ruth Talbot about her beautifully designed clothes for children which bring some cheer into our lives with their gorgeous, colourful African designs.

What will you be selling at the Fair Christmas Fayre this year?

Lots of fun and funky clothes for babies and children made with African material. There are also accessories which can be added to a plain outfit to brighten it up, for example my sash belts. These are all handmade by me here in London. For Christmas time only I will also have some jewellery and trinkets which I have been collecting from my travels around various African countries.

Vizuri designs

Tell us about why you started Vizuri designs?

I have always loved the patterns and colours of African materials and noticed that a lot of clothes for babies and young children are quite dull and very gender colour coded. That’s starting to change but its still rare to see african materials used in such clothing. I was inspired to try and change this by producing clothes for boys and girls that will brighten up a rainy British day.

I’m also interested in mixing materials and styles. To me finding a way to mix european tweeds with african prints can be a metaphor for how together different cultures can create something beautiful. The latest design I’m working on is a detachable pocket which victorian female cyclists used to wear, but I’m incorprating some african prints to add a new twist. 

I’m loving spending time being creative again and wish to  expand my reach.

Why did you want to trade at the Fair Christmas Fayre?

My other day job is working in the charity sector and I love the idea of business and fairness coming together to change the way we interact and trade. The fayre will give me the chance as a newly established enterprise to reach out to a broader market and spread the love for African inspired clothing.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Do I have to choose only one? I love Christmas, all the decorations, presents (giving just as much as receiving!), spending time with family and of course all the Christmas fayres!

Any good Christmas Cracker jokes?

What do crackers, fruitcake and nuts remind me of?


 Check out Vizuri Designs on Facebook and comes see their gorgeous stall for some great gifts.


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